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On today's blog post, we found an article on suasnews.com titling: 

Scandinavian first hydrogen drone flight

We all know, that nowadays we are constantly looking for other types of sufficient fuels other that petrol. With electric motors widely accessible now, other types of research are in movement as Scandinavia results in a positive outcome on hydrogen fuel. 
In the article we read: 
"This is a significant milestone for the project. Hydrogen-powered aviation is a part of the future, and with the successful test flight today, we made an important step towards making it happen.”
Of course, the setup for the drone might not be quite optimal as of now but Hydrogen already shown it's true color (up to a certain extent) as there are existing car and motors that use Hydrogen as a current fuel. The characteristics of Hydrogen is that there is no carbon within its elements (which helps greatly on our carbon footprint emission) and the way this type of fuel works is the oxygen in Hydrogen is brunt which propels the objet it's carrying. 



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