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Our team enjoys new technologies and we found that the Reddit page r/Tech is a good way to be kept up to date. 
Please feel free to recommend reddit posts based on tech and technological advancements and there is a chance that we post your recommendation :)
Reddit Is an American platform that promotes sharing articles between users. The community on this social media operates via sharing news and bookmarked articles which is then classified in different categories following the subject of the news. 
When looking for Tech advancements, innovation and tech creations, we found out that the community on the page r/tech shares interesting information on that subject. Daily, we go on the page and try to find the best articles for us to put on our page. 
Fun Fact: When created in 2005, Reddit was only made for Science and Programming articles and discussion. But nowadays, the most popular pages are still science related such as Tech. 
However, on Reddit, you can simply ask questions or put out an argument and people will react and comment on what was said. More than any other social media, we find that Reddit is more "serious" than Twitter for example. And because all the content is classified in categories, information is more easily found. 
Mention: The posts we share on our website are merely informative to fellow tech gurus as myself and we only want to share what could be interesting to you!

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