About Us

It's proven that in a moment of our day, we have to relax to better feel efficient the next day. By times of relaxation, we feel more nourished and at ease. Multiple benefits come from moments where you enjoy a good afternoon with friends or family. 


This is why we truly think that drinking is a way of bringing people together. By offering products such as Drink Dispensers, we think that it can have a reel impact on those who use this type of instrument. 

What is very unique with our product is that it's very simple yet perfect for what it's designed for. We all know that it can be quite troublesome to pour effectively and rapidly drinks and beverages. The Drink Dispenser we offer really helps with finding a solution to that problem. 

The founder and Co-Founder of Trends it Now, Jake and Emma, simply built this platform to better help those in need of this type of utensil. Yet, there is a lot of thought behind the use of our product as it's primary function is to better help pouring beverages but at the same time, we try and create a fun environment around this product. 

Trends It Now is a British company based in East London and established in 2018. The company is somewhat new and is recruiting constantly to grow with interesting minds.